Monday, March 16, 2009

We Put on our POKERFACE !!!!

LADY GAGA STEPS IN THE STUDIO AND GREETS ME WITH A "HI! DO YOU HAVE COFFEE?" She was very nice about it but she's definitely a lady who knows what she wants & isn't afraid to go for it. Lady Gaga has dreamed of STARDOM from a very YOUNG AGE. Lady Gaga stopped by the blazin' studio's to chat WITH ME before her Big Performance at the House of Blues later that night. Gaga's Musical Background & Her taste for Fashion fits perfectly into a Music Industry that is yearning for a Refreshing Young Talent. Check out what Lady Gaga had to say about working with Akon and the things she doesn't do while on tour.... Much Love from your Girl, Vanya !!!!

Lady Gaga Interview w/ Vanya
Vanya & Gaga @ The Blazin Studios
Hanging w/ Gaga - Post HOB Performance

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